I’m not sure who actually coined the old phrase ‘Time is money,’ but this little phrase carries real weight when it comes to making business decisions in the modern working world. I’m sure when it comes to your business or job role you put quite a lot of value on your time within work hours…. Read more

Today, quality cost accounting is part of most modern organisation’s quality improvement strategy and if it’s not it should be part of yours. Indeed, the process of quantifying and reporting on quality-related success and failure is integral to a business’s quality standards. Quality cost systems help management plan for quality improvement by identifying opportunities for… Read more

The hospitality industry is an industry based totally on the services you provide. Bad service is failure! A successful business or venue has to put customers at the forefront of their operation to ensure a flow of loyal customers, in the same way that we buy a certain brand of washing powder or breakfast cereal. … Read more

We know that any financial investment in your business requires careful consideration. Am I going to see a return on my investment? Will this ultimately save me time and improve efficiency? Many of you, particularly smaller businesses also feel like you simply don’t have the time and resource to investigate new business tools and training… Read more

Have you ever dreamt of taking control of your organisation’s training?   Maybe you are worried that you don’t have the in-house technical support or even the finances to do so………. ProVenue has an affordable, reliable, feature rich and easy to use Learning Management System that enables you to build, import, assemble, deliver, and track training content… Read more

Almost every week a new wedding venue opens here in the UK as owners of barns, stately homes and warehouses, to name but a few, see the potential to host weddings in their buildings. This means couples have even more choice than ever before putting the onus on the venue to make sure they stand… Read more

The wedding venue business is creating quite the buzz. Why? While other industries struggle to master the ebb and flow of business, the wedding industry has earned a seemingly recession-proof reputation over the past five to ten years. And major corporations, investors and entrepreneurs are taking note! Whether you’re a seasoned wedding industry veteran or… Read more

Are you searching for the perfect piece of land to build a wedding venue? Raw land seems to be in high demand these days. The fact of the matter is, the good Lord isn’t making anymore of it, which is why developers are snatching it up left and right. This can make the real estate… Read more

One of the biggest issues in the hospitality industry, especially in the UAE region, is staff retention. With a large number of new hotels under construction in Dubai alone this begs the question of how to train, develop and retain new staff members. With the increased trend of an outsourced workforce the skill demands are… Read more

So how did Christmas and the New Year go for your business?  This is the time of year when you mop your brow, look back on your performance in the past year and make improvements and plans for the year ahead. You need to review the plus points but don’t avoid the negatives when formulating your action… Read more