The ProVenue Accreditation Scheme is a level based standard that covers all the essential areas required to assess the quality of a venue’s customer experience. Using the ProVenue Audit Tool the assessment process focuses on the customer journey from enquiry to the final experience. The audit is a fantastic opportunity to identify areas for improvement allowing your venue to grow and develop and achieve higher levels of quality throughout.


A ProVenue assessor will attend your venue for a day and sit down with the relevant personnel to identify the levels of quality achieved by the venue. The assessor will dig deep, go behind the scenes, challenge the operational procedures and structure to allow for a positive outcome that will be of benefit to the management and operation of the venue.

Upon the conclusion of the assessment a comprehensive feedback document will be issued defining areas for attention and improvement. After a final review by both parties an accreditation level will be issued as either a Pass, Merit or Distinction and this will be valid for a period of one year.

The Assessment has four core components as follows:

The Accreditation Journey

Step by Step

  1. 1. Application – the venue fills in an online application form to apply for accreditation.
  2. 2. Self-Assessment – the venue completes an online self-assessment on its current procedures and processes. This will be used by the assessor on the site visit.
  3. 3. Audit – the audit will be conducted onsite at the venue and this is usually completed within one day unless it is a particularly large venue or there are multiple venues within a group. The assessor will interview the relevant managers and operational team members to get a thorough understanding of the inner workings of the customer experience.
  4. 4. Audit Report – a comprehensive report will be emailed within 14 days of the audit outlining all areas of improvement required, action steps, the level of compliance achieved and the accreditation level.
  5. 5. Certificate – an accreditation certificate is issued that is valid for one year.

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